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A new Testosterone blend is coming soon

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about all the new products and treatment options we added this year.

To name a few, this includes treatment for eating disorders, body dysmorphia, migraines, weight loss, beard and hair, new peptides, more Thyroid management options, and Acetylcysteine (NAC).

Now, let’s discuss the upcoming testosterone blend. However, before we dig in further, let’s start with a caveat.

Given the complexities of body uniqueness, a one-size-fits-all approach will not accommodate everyone. We are all different, and determining factors are based on our bio-identity. Which encloses external and internal elements such as age, body composition, the way we metabolize testosterone or any other medicine for that matter. The same applies to esters, too, and while we have a general rule of thumb, differences in pharmacokinetics (duration) won’t be equal to all of us.

The new testosterone blend will include three esters—cypionate, enanthate, and propionate. Which makes this blend the most potent testosterone in our clinic. In layman’s terms, esters are how quickly testosterone becomes available to the body.

It is essential to understand what testosterone means to us, and it goes well beyond what many would think. Testosterone affects almost all organs in the body, where the optimal function is necessary for men and women.

Low total or free testosterone levels are associated with many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, low muscle mass, low bone mass, low physical performance, and frailty.

With that in mind, proper protocol plays a key role, and we want to model what our bodies would do naturally. For example, many prescribing physicians do not practice the basic weekly protocols, and common use is once every 14 days. Not only is this not beneficial, but it will also have a considerable blowback on patients’ health.

Combining cypionate, enanthate, and propionate esters closely mimics our natural circadian pulsation. That leads to mirroring what our body produces and secretes naturally. In addition, it minimizes estrogen conversion, keeps levels stable by avoiding large testosterone spikes.

Levels should be stable throughout 24 hour period and for the entire week, and without crashing either mid or by the end of the week. And don’t want so-called peaks and valleys. Testosterone cypionate followed by a weekly injection split already does that; however, some patients might still have slight deviations.

There can be times when one ester could create mood swings or even sexual dysfunction issues, and this is where a combination of short and long esters works better for some patients by providing a more sustained release to the bloodstream.

Testosterone strength is 100/100/50, and the weekly dose will be patient-specific. Our blend might also benefit those who wish to achieve more, but it is not for everyone. Even fully dialed in patients can have more room for improvement. Once we officially announce the new blend, you’re welcome to call in and schedule your consultation to see if this blend is suitable for you.

Even though this is the latest addition, our clinic already prescribes a lesser strength tri-blend with a great success rate among our patients.